Project Planning Solutions

Is your project schedule a help or a hinderence?

    Empower yourself through effective project planning, scheduling and control.

The objective of Project Planning Solutions is to assist both Companies and Individuals to ensure they are enabled to deal with the increasing demand for complying to modern day Project Controls Requirements.

How well do you face up to your project control challenges? Ask yourself a few questions;

  • What is the impact of your current project control effort to your bottom line?
  • How well do you know and understand your project risk in terms of cost and schedule?
  • How well are you protected against claims from your client or other contractors within your project?
  • How well are you protected against failure to comply to your contract?
  • How well would your systems stand up to forensic analysis?
  • Are you being exploited by large clients or contractors due to the inability to protect yourself?

If you think your project cannot afford professional project controls resources, the truth is you cannot afford to be without them.

The advantage of having Project Planning Solutions as your partner is that you do not need to employ full time expensive resources.

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